2022 Hyrox World Championships

5-years ago, Zach Jarvis entered the Provo RxFIT Gym with the goal of become a Spartan Racing Professional.

Now, I have to admit, a lot of people walk through our gym doors with lofty goals… but there was something different about Zach.

So while on the phone with him, I told him that I needed to see what he’s got. I invited him to be my partner in the workout tomorrow morning where each movement was designed by me in order to crush him…

But that first workout was also probably our last one together where I was the one dictating the pace…

To make a long story short, Zach went on to achieve the goal of becoming a Spartan Professional. He had multiple sponsorships that allowed him to travel the country and compete in those races. COVID altered that career last year, however, which is when he was introduced to Hyrox: a competition where the Spartan and CrossFit worlds collide.

That’s when the tables turned…

“Tyler, I think we can qualify for the World Championships if we get a little faster,” he said to me. “All we have to do is win a regional event.” I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, but I’m always down for a fitness challenge. So I agreed.

Man… some of those training sessions with him got so barfy that I would curl up on the gym couch afterwards with shivers going up and down my back. Zach dictated every pace we ran together. He didn’t teach me, but rather showed me, what it felt like to train like a professional. He’s become a true friend of mine.

We ended up taking 1st place at the Los Angeles regional and qualified for the World Championships.

Los Angeles Hyrox Regional

Last weekend was that World Championship race where we went head-to-head against the other regional champions of Canada, Portugal, England, Germany, Brazil, and the other spots of the United States.

That was a good time–a race I’ll always remember. Although we didn’t come home with a podium finish (we finished in 10th place overall), I had a lot of fun. And I got pretty freaking good at running when preparing for it…

2022 Hyrox World Championships


Next month we have a fun fitness event called Metcon Mania. This is a partner-styled competition similar to Hyrox, where it will favor the bodyweight and cardio junkies.

After my experience during these last 12 months, I can promise you that you’ll have a great time training for it. And the partner you do it with will become a lifelong friend.

Fitness has a way of doing things like that.

Learn more about Metcon Mania HERE.

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