3 Underrated Fitness Tips

What are some underrated fitness tips?

This is the twentieth question that I’m answering this month of the 24 most commonly asked questions Mark and I receive.

Three Tips

Play sports regularly. We practice and train so many different aspects of fitness, but we rarely put them on display in a competitive environment. Sports are great developers of fitness because you must react to the unknown and unknowable. In the gym, everything is known (the sets, reps, feeling, etc.) But take a sport like tennis — you don’t know where the opponent is going to hit the ball next. Or in basketball, you don’t know how your defender is going to guard you. Or in golf, you don’t know what kind of lie you will have on your next shot. Incorporate sports into your training program at least once a month.

Sleep more. This is well known for most, but poorly practiced by even more. Remember that fitness is actually developed during recovery — and there is no better recovery technique than sleep.

Variance. Routines are nice, but varying different variables can be a great way to break through a plateau. If you normally workout in the morning, try an evening workout. If you always workout in a group, try a weekend workout by yourself. If you always listen to music while exercising, try a workout in silence. If you always do crossfit, try a spin class at the local rec center. The variables, and your opportunities, are limitless.


Play sports. Sleep more. Prioritize variance.

These three underrated fitness tips can help you breakthrough your next plateau.


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