Avoiding Hand Tears: Everything You Need to Know (How to Chalk, Break In Your Grips, and Position Your Hands)

Depending on what level you do in today’s workout, you will do as many as 80 pull-ups or muscle-ups! That’s a lot of pulling on the pull-up bar.

After I did the workout in the South Jordan location early this morning, I was talking with a long-time friend about tearing. He tore on his fifth round while I was able to keep going. He started to ask some questions, like:

  • How should I chalk my hands so I don’t blister?
  • What type of grips should I buy?
  • What material should I buy for my grips?
  • How do I know when I’m about to tear?
  • How should I position my hands on the pull-up bar when I’m doing a muscle-up?

I gave him the answers to these questions in-person, and then messaged him over these two videos. Check them out at some point today!

P.S. Metcon Mania is coming up next month on Friday, June 10th! Learn more and sign up for this gymnastic + cardio fitness event HERE.

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