What Is The Best Plan to Start Working Out At the Gym Again?

What is the best plan to start working out at the gym again?


This is the ninth question that I’m answering this month of the 24 most commonly asked questions Mark and I receive.


The Short Answer


Burn the boats.


Now, this might be a bit of an intense answer, but it doesn’t make the statement any less true. The reason so many struggle with getting back into the habit of exercising every day is a lack of commitment. The plan doesn’t matter as much as the adherence to a plan.


Therefore, make a commitment to show up to the gym (insert # of days a week) and stick to it.


My Story


Karli and I have been talking about moving from Provo for about a year now but we didn’t ever look for homes. We were wannabe movers — always talking about it, but never being about it.


We came home from a family vacation three weeks ago and started talking about this topic again. We shared our mutual frustration of never doing anything about this.


I shared with her the strategy commanders used when attempting to conquer a new country — they would burn their boats upon arrival so they couldn’t return home. They had to conquer the land or die trying.


She didn’t love the risk, but we implemented the strategy anyway.


We posted our apartment for rent and had a signed contract with another couple 24 hours later. They were moving into our home in five weeks.


This gave us seven days now to find a new home (we assumed closing and funding a mortgage would take about four weeks). If we didn’t find a home in seven days, it would be likely that our small family of four would be homeless come September 1st. This got us moving fast!


The result? We found our our new home in Vineyard six days later. One day to spare.


Our move in date: August 26th.




I’m guilty of talking about goals and dreams and not always acting on them. But if you really want something to happen, commit to it.


Burn the boats.


Complacency breeds wannabes.


The best plan is the one that is implemented.


Don’t talk about it; be about it.



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