Choosing a Barbell

Believe it or not, there are a lot of different components that go in to choosing a barbell. For example:

  • How much of the bar is knurled?
  • How many knurl markings?
  • What type of knurling?
  • What’s the weight? Or, how heavy is it?
  • What’s the diameter?
  • What’s the loadable sleeve length?
  • What’s the tensile strength?
  • What type of sleeve coating?
  • Does it have an intended use?

This week, I’ll go into depth with the most important specs of the barbell that you need to know. I’ll also explain to you how to read one of these “Gear Specs” that you can find on a manufacturer’s websites:

That way, you can order the right one for your home gym.

Stay tuned.



As Many Repetitions as Possible in 5 Rounds of:
Max Bench Press (bodyweight)
Max Pull-Ups

Your scoreĀ is the total cumulative number of repetitions of Bench Press and Pull-Ups across all 5 rounds of the workout.

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