Consistency > Intensity

Mark and I think haven’t stopped thinking about you and since Sunday night. We check in with the coaches each evening to receive reports. Every athlete is accounted for and reported on.
Because of this, I feel like I have a good pulse on what’s going on with each of your situations. To name a few things:
  • We heard that you wanted equipment, so we opened up the gym yesterday from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. so we could loan out our barbells, KB’s, DB’s, and med balls.
  • We heard that you were having trouble with Slack, so one video has been made and another one will become available today.
  • We heard that you were missing the community-aspect of the gym, so we’re posting daily challenges/competitions to make it feel like you’re not alone. Miranda will crown the winner every morning (yesterday was coolest At-Home set-up; today will be announced shortly).
    • In addition, we’re going to participate in a worldwide “At-Home” CrossFit competition beginning on Friday. Details to come this afternoon.
  • We heard that you were confused with some of our common lingo (EMOM, AMRAP, Tabata). A video explaining these will be released later today.
  • We heard that you were worried about performing certain exercises properly, so we’re creating a YouTube channel where the coaches will now hyperlink all future workout movements.
  • We heard that you wanted an episode on the RxFIT podcast that geeked out over the pros and cons of different diets. I contacted a Metabolic Scientist out of BYU and interviewed him over Zoom yesterday. The episode is now available wherever you listen to your podcasts. Search: “The Faces of RxFIT.”
We have a big day ahead of us. I’m excited for the challenges ahead. It reminds me of a conversation I had with an athlete last week.
We were talking about our methodology at RxFIT. Specifically, the way we go about modifying movements and meeting prescribed workout stimuli.

Mechanics -> Consistency -> Intensity.

Put a different way, would you rather:

  • Brush your teeth for 30 seconds each morning and night or,
  • Brush your teeth once a week for seven minutes?

In the above example, you’re putting in the same amount of “work.” In both examples, you’re brushing your teeth for seven minutes total throughout the week. However, the difference is in the regular schedule – or consistency – of brushing your teeth.

And the same goes for exercise. Working out for 30 minutes every day is better than working out for 3.5 hours once a week. Consistency breeds results. We want consistency over intensity.

This couldn’t apply more given our quarantined schedules. Stick to a consistent schedule. Don’t deviate from it. Set a time when you will begin your warm-up every day. Even if you’re in the middle of something. Finish up what you’re doing while stretching out your hamstrings or doing lunges in place. Start the warm-up. You will find that you’ll eventually complete the workout. Don’t worry about the intensity right now.

My job as a coach is to first teach you the mechanics. Then, my job is to coach you through what those mechanics look like on a consistent basis. As you get the hang of it, I’m going to ramp up the intensity. This also applies to my role as your Online Coach. We need to establish good habits (mechanics), then consistently stick to those habits, before we even worry about the intensity (your scores) of your workout.

Intensity, plain and simple, is the shortcut to all results. But, it has to follow this order. You must have the mechanics down, then establish a habit of consistently hitting those mechanics. Then you start seeing the awesome results that come from intensity. It’s a fool’s game to jump immediately to intensity.

The result? Increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. AKA: You get fitter.

Takeaway: Pick a time that you will start your warm-up every day. Report on whether you met that goal or not with your coach this evening.

Let’s do this, together.


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