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As our staff continues to grow and develop, Mark and I are constantly seeking out opportunities that we can provide for them. This is the most fulfilling part of my job: providing meaningful employment to my friends.


The issue I’ve always had, however, is that a career in fitness usually means you won’t have a lot of work. The stereotype of a trainer is a meathead who works out just as much as he trains other people. Those aren’t the kinds of people that we hire at RxFIT. In fact, we focus on hiring and developing coaches, not instructors/trainers who yell raw-raw in the background of your favorite playlist.


When we made the pivot 18 months ago from a CrossFit gym to a coaching gym, this was one of the motives. How can we prescribe fitness to an individual based on their goals? Instead of just offering six group CrossFit classes a day, we needed to start hiring and developing a staff that could deliver results through nutrition, personal training, and remote channels as well.


I’m proud of what we’ve built so far. But as we close out another quarter to this year, I sit down with each member of our staff one-on-one and realize that they want more. They’re hungry for more opportunities. More and more of them are wanting to make this their career.


So I’ve started to pursue Corporate Wellness.


My Story


The Silicon Slopes ecosystem is made-up of a lot of inspiring entrepreneurs and companies. I’ve been the benefactor of their wisdom as I sat in the BYU Business School the past five years and listened to them guest lecture. Without fail, I wait after and ask them additional questions one-on-one. Outside of their business acumen, I wanted to discover their frustrations around corporate wellness programs.


This has lead me to 18 sales proposals at different companies in Utah.


And I’m partly proud and partly embarrassed to say that as of yesterday, I haven’t successfully closed any of them.


Yes, you read that right. I’m 0/18 in my corporate sales pitches.


But I’m still optimistic, especially when I’m meeting with these executives.


For example, one of them yesterday told me that she ordered eight squat racks from Rogue to put in their new facility’s gym.


When I asked if she also ordered barbells and bumper plates, she said she didn’t know she needed to.




That’s like buying toothpaste and not knowing you need a toothbrush.


You can’t buy squat racks without barbells.


And maybe that’s why corporate wellness programs are the way they are.


Why I’m Writing About This


One of these days I’ll get my sales pitch right and we’ll tap into the corporate market. I’m motivated in order to provide more opportunity for my coaching staff.


But you’re probably confused about why I’m writing this to you.


I simply wanted to say that my coaches are hungry for more — and I’m earnestly seeking more opportunities for them.


They don’t just want to see and correct movement while you’re inside the gym.


They want to put together nutrition plans and hold you accountable to them. They want to get you ready for marathons and Spartan races. They want to guide you to your goals.


In every movie exists a hero. And every hero needs a plan before he or she reaches their goal.


The guide’s job in the movie is to provide that plan and then hold the hero accountable to it.


That’s us at RxFIT: You’re the hero and my coaches are the guide.




I think I’ll write more about the pains I’ve discovered in corporate wellness programs in the future, especially in regards to the wasted money and lack of compliance from corporate employees. The world is in a global pandemic right now with COVID-19, but the deaths associated with this disease pale in comparison to those caused by sedentarism.


I think corporate executives can make a difference on this front. But I’m biased because I believe RxFIT sits in unique possession of perhaps the world’s most vexing problem. And I’ve got a staff anxiously waiting to help solve it.


They’re delivering incredible results to individuals one-on-one.


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