Fit Dad, Fat Dad

I’ve always been a fan of Robert Kiyosaki’s books–especially his best seller, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. If you haven’t read his book before, he gives contrasting examples of two men that had an impact on him growing up.

One was his real dad (“Poor Dad”) who taught him conventional wisdom: Work hard in school, get a job, and save.

The other was his friend’s dad (“Rich Dad”) who taught him contrarian wisdom: Make your money work hard, be an entrepreneur, and invest.

If you have read this book before, but it’s been a while, I recommend dusting off the cobwebs and reading it again at the beginning of 2021. There are a few books I read every year, this being one of them.

While finances are the main topic, the lessons about self-discipline and purchasing assets are applicable to health.

This Week

As a dad of two little boys now, I often think what book my kids would write if they were Kiyosaki. I believe the title would be something like Fit Dad, Fat Dad.

In hopes that I would be the “Fit Dad” example, this week I plan to write five lessons I plan to teach and reteach my kids over the next twenty years.

While these daily emails will be addressed to you, the context behind each of them will be for Zeke and Rocky.

I hope you’ll be inspired to teach your kids the same lessons of the Fit Dad.



For Time:
100 Pull-Ups
100 Push-Ups
100 Sit-Ups
100 Air Squats

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