Gym Bag: Timer

Intensity is the shortcut to results. And the way you increase the intensity of any workout is by putting a clock to the session.

For example, take a 5×5 Back Squat.

What usually happens in the commercial gym scene is the individual will do 5-reps near 80% of their 1-rep max back squat. If they recorded themselves, they’ll usually watch the video of that set a few times. They’ll then spend another 5-minutes making it look good so they can post it on Instagram. By the time they do set #2, 10-minutes have passed.

What we recommend doing, and what we do in every RxFIT gym with strength sessions, is we put you on the clock. A 5×5 Back Squat might have a time priority of a EOMOM (which stands for every other minute, on the minute). This means that you’ll complete one set every 2-minutes–or all 5 sets in 10-minutes. That’s intense.

Working out this way, keeps you focused on recovering for your next set. It brings intensity to your session.

We’ve seen this issue of intense-less sessions, but also experienced a need for a smaller gym clock for our clients at RxFIT. So we created the Pocket Timer: A gym clock so small that it can fit in your pocket, but so bright that you can see it from across the room.

Use your phone for playing music and taking videos… use a Pocket Timer to increase the intensity of your workouts.

I now carry one in these in gym bag. I also put it in the water bottle pocket of my backpack when I’m going on vacation. Whether you’re working out in the hotel or on the beach, any workout can be intense as long as you put yourself to the clock.

Order one on Amazon here.


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