Gymnasts’ Bike Wrecks Don’t Look Like Weightlifters’

In 2004, Greg Glassman wrote the following:

“The value of training gymnastics movements for midline
stabilization, torso strength, and hip control is so
tremendous that it makes the bulk of what is widely
conceived of as “core training,” including “Swiss” or
“stability” ball training, patently silly. The Swiss ball is to core training as the BowFlex is to strength training – better than nothing.”

Handstands” by Greg Glassman

He then concluded with a challenge of pressing to a handstand and then walking (on your hands) for 100 feet by the end of the year.

Have you seen anyone do this before?

Where did we go wrong in prioritizing the other modalities at the exclusion of gymnastics?

I’m not sure I can adequately answer that question. But I’m determined to alter that way of thinking!

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