Hip Function: Lateral Muscles

Today I’m addressing three hip muscles that contribute to hip abduction (moving the leg away from the body).

These lateral muscles overlap each other as they course over the hip joint and attach to the femur.

Gluteus Medius

When walking and running, the gluteus medius prevents the pelvis from dropping to the opposite side of the unsupported leg’s movement. It also assists in hip abduction.

Interestingly, the gluteus medius also can act as both an external and internal rotator of the femur. For example, it is an external rotator with a flexed hip. With an extended hip, it is an internal rotator.

Gluteus Minimus

The gluteus minimus is a fan-shaped muscle that sits underneath the gluteus medius. Together, they serve basically the same function.

Tensor Fascia Latae

This odd-looking muscle is small with a long tendon. Functionally, the tensor fascia latae also abducts the femur, although it doesn’t contribute significantly due to its small size. It can also assist with internal rotation and flexion of the hip.

*Images and text inspired by this journal publication.



2 Sets:
AMRAP 5:00
10 Jumping Air Squats
10 Sit Ups
-Rest 3:00 B/T Sets-

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