How Do I Get A Six-Pack As Soon As Possible?

How do I get a six-pack as soon as possible?

This is the fourth question that I’m answering this month of the 24 most commonly asked questions Mark and I receive.

Myth Buster

A six-pack is not a manifestation of strength, or even health. Believe it or not, everyone has one.

Rather, the visible six-pack simply is a manifestation of a lack of body fat.

For example, male olympic long-distance runners weigh in at 150-lbs with a visible six pack. But Dwayne (“The Rock”) Johnson weighs in close to 300-lbs and also has a visible six-pack.

In other words, the number on the scale actually does not determine your ab definition. Your body fat percentage does.

Therefore, the fastest (and only) way to get a six-pack is to lose body fat.

Body Fat Percentages

Your body fat percentage is the total mass of fat divided by your total body mass. The beloved six-pack shows on women around 18% and 12% for men.

These are obviously approximations, so below I’ll break down a sliding scale of body fat percentages. But know that every female at 18% and male at 12% has a visible six-pack.

Below you will find a breakdown of body fat percentages:

Description     Women        Men

Essential Fat        10-13%           2-5%

Athletes                14-20%          6-12%

Fitness                  21-24%         13-16%

Average                25-30%         17-21%

Overweight          31-39%        22-29%

Obese                    40% +           30% +


Everyone has a six-pack. It’s just usually covered by fat.

Therefore, the fastest (and only) way to have a visible a six-pack is to lose body fat.

You can do that many ways. Start by scheduling a call with me here and I’ll lay out your personal exercise and nutrition plan.


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