How Long Will It Take?

Last weekend, Karli and I were going through old pictures and she said,

“Wow, I didn’t realize how similar you and Jordan used to look!”

Jordan and I used to play sports together in high school. She was referring to how our body composition used to be similar. Nowadays, Jordan is still lean. I’m bigger and stronger.

How Long Will It Take?

It’s better to think of reaching your goals through # of sessions, rather than time elapsed. For example, I’m more likely to reach my goals if I perform 50 workout sessions in two months, rather than just workout periodically over the next two months.

This seems obvious, but it’s worth the reminder. The most common question I’m asked when meeting with new RxFIT athletes is:

“How long will it take me until I _________ ?” (fill in the blank: am 20% body fat, can lift 200-lbs, can do my first pull-up, etc.)

Because excitement is usually palpable in our goal-setting conversations, I try to be careful about my answer. But it’s usually something like,

“It depends! How many days a week can you workout?”

This is why we coach the mantra: Never miss two days of exercise in-a-row.

Consistency always wins–even against intensity. It’s better to workout everyday rather than workout super hard three times a week.

Jordan and Me

Over the past 5-years, I’ve worked out almost every day. Even on vacation, it’s unlikely that I’ll miss two days of exercise in-a-row. For Jordan, he eats well and exercises, but doesn’t lift weights.

5-years later and our body composition is much different. We’re both healthy and happy with the way we look: I’m strong and capable of most things. He’s lean and confident.

One’s not better than the other. We simply have different goals, and therefore, look different.

So how long will it take you to reach your goals?

It depends! How often are you able to workout?



9-6-3 reps of:
Snatch (85% of your 1-rep max)
Burpee Box Jump Overs (make it as high as possible)

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