If Every Day Were Like Today…

If every day were like today, will you reach your goals?


Ask yourself that question each evening.


Personal Inventory


There is incredible value in ending each day with a brief moment of silence.


It doesn’t need to be you sitting criss-cross on the floor with your eyes closed. You just need to unplug.


Get off and away from your phone — far enough away that if it buzzes, you don’t notice.


Separate yourself temporarily from other noises in the house.


Then, either briefly review the day or plan out the next day.


Many individuals do this in prayer. Some do it through journaling. A few do it through yoga.


Regardless of how you do it, ask  yourself this question:


If every day were like today, will I reach my goals?


If No…


If the answer is no in relation to your fitness goals, book a free call with me here. I can help.


We have a handful of offerings that can help at RxFIT.


Some athletes are “remote” where we have a coach send them a workout to perform every day, and then they follow up with them on how that workout went in the evening. These are for those individuals who don’t live in Utah county, are still in quarantine, or don’t feel comfortable exercising in public.


Some RxFIT members are “class-only” athletes where they attend one of our 12 classes every day to receive in-person coaching.


Many do one of the above options and then also work with our calisthenic (bodyweight gymnastics) or weightlifting coaches during additional times throughout the week. We offer in-person coaching and remote workouts that you can perform on your own at home. These athletes usually have goals of getting their first pull-up, walking 25-feet in a handstand walk, snatching their body weight, or just simply getting stronger.


Other options include a “conditioning” class where athletes get together outside on the track and prepare for marathons and Ironmans.


On top of all of these options, we also have a dozen nutritionists that work one-on-one with our athletes in order to help them lose weight, gain lean mass, or learn to cook.




Step 1: Get in a habit of having a personal inventory every day. During this inventory, ask yourself: “If every day were like today, will I reach my goals?”


Step 2: If the answer is “No”, book a free Coaching Call with me here.


Step 3: Stick to the plan.



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