June 5th Week Preview

Happy Pride month!

Here’s a recap of new systems implemented, the upcoming calendar, and a breakdown of next week’s programming.

New Systems

No new systems were created this week, but many discussions were had surrounding internal communication; specifically the communication between managers and coaches.

While we don’t have a solution that I’m proud of (yet), I want to personally ask you to please call or slack me directly if you feel that your voice isn’t being heard.

Please don’t understand this statement as a, “I want to make sure that you feel valued!” Instead, I need you to know that you are valued–not to just feel valued. Your input is valuable as the coaches are most involved with the members every day. The reality is that we can’t have weekly or even monthly required meeting attendances where part-time coaches are required to report on key indicators. As a result, things slip through the cracks.

While I’m not excusing some of this from leadership, I simply wanted to let you know that I’m aware of our internal communication issues and am actively trying to find a better system.

Upcoming Calendar

Metcon Mania is happening NEXT FRIDAY, June 10th. This is a competition for the gymnastic and cardio junkies. Workouts will not include any barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, or medicine balls.

Additionally, if you plan on going to Iron Games this year on October 13-15, please let me know. I am the Volunteer Lead for that event this year, so I’m in charge of rallying up all of the volunteers and making sure that they have a meaningful volunteer experience.


And finally, there are two things you should be aware of this week:

  • Level Method Benchmark on Monday! Every class will be performing the “Weightlifting”, “Rings”, and “Row” assessments.
  • This week is the 10th and final week of the olympic lifting cycle. You can expect more deadlifts and squats in the future.

If you’re a podcast listener, you can also consume all of this information every week on Saturday morning. Here is today’s episode:

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