Nutrition advice is pretty easy to come by.  Google, your friend, your aunt.. everyone has their 2 cents, but MOM as it turns out was right…

Did your mom ever say these things to you?

  1. “Eat your veggies/ fruit FIRST.”
  1. “No you can’t have that, you’re not hungry.”
  1. “No that’s not a vegetable.  😉” (yes it was)

Turns out mom knew what she was talking about. 👇🏼

🍎 Fill your plate with fruits and veggies. 800g a day is a good goal! Keeps you full and healthy.

🍽 Chances are you are not hungry. Just bored. So put down the snack and take a walk.

🥗Try to sneak in healthy stuff where you can. 

Eating healthy shouldn’t be torture.  You don’t have to make grandiose plans… just small changes here and there can create habits that can change your life.

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