Last Call

I’ve been talking about my “Fitness Secrets” this week, and how you can get my course for free…

But if you want to get a coach who will hold you accountable to the program, then I need to know TODAY…

Yes, if you read this email tomorrow, then I apologize because it will be too late. If you want fitness coaching later (and a mini workout timer), you’ll have to pay the normal full price.

But–if you want to take me up on my special offer then schedule your No-Sweat Intro ASAP. Just email me ( with a time today or tomorrow that works for you.

If it doesn’t work with my schedule, I will have one of my gym managers speak with you.

You’ve been warned–I don’t want any emails tomorrow saying I didn’t warn you.

So, go schedule your No-Sweat Intro. I’ll talk to you soon.


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