May 1st Week Preview

Hey Team

I want to get in the habit of writing you a short internal memo every Saturday morning. The purpose of this blog-post-made-memo is to recap last week, report on our progress toward the quarterly goal of 900 members across all of the gyms, and to inform you of the things to come.

This Week

We made big strides in organization this week. Let’s start with the Bright Spots:

  • Yesterday, all of the managers got together for our monthly “Manager Development” meeting to role play and get better at Goal Reviews. Posters with a QR code have been made and should be hung today in each gym for athletes to schedule those 1-on-1 goal-setting meetings with the manager.
  • Additional posters with QR codes have been made for athletes to schedule 1-on-1 nutrition consultations with Tyre (called “No-Snack Intros”). More than 80% of the people that meet with Tyre, end up signing up for ongoing nutrition coaching (Coach Taylor will be coaching all recurring nutrition clients).
  • Chad has a group of 10 athletes committed to joining his morning weightlifting class next Wednesday.
  • Laws and I debriefed Fitcon with Dallin (founder) and made plans for next year. If you wanted to know, Fitcon next year will be May 12-13, 2023. Here’s our notes if you wanted to read them.
  • Many of you helped covered Darian’s classes in Orem this week. A big thank you to Sierra, Cheryl, and Rilee especially!
  • Today and tomorrow, coaches Brandy, Kim, and Emily will be in Park City at the CFL-2 seminar. I’m looking forward to hearing how that goes.

We didn’t make any structural changes this week, however it has become clear that there is some confusion as to who leads what. Here are the managers and leaders of the following organizations:

North Division

  • Holladay: Chris
  • South Jordan: Kannon (also the “Divisional Manager”)
  • Bluffdale: Lauren

South Division

  • Orem: Darian
  • Provo: Darren (also the “Divisional Manager”)
  • Springville: Miranda

Other Roles

  • Head of Fitness: Laws (coaching development, events, class programming, and gym layout)
  • Marketing Coordinator: Lauren (social media and content creation)
  • Nutrition Head Coach: Tyre
  • Forte Head Coach: Miranda
  • Weightlifting Head Coach: Chad
  • Competition Head Coach: Laws (more information to come next week on this program)

With this all being laid out, I hope you can see where questions should be directed. For example,

If you’re confused about the group class programming, slack message Laws.

If you have a question about Springville’s picnic this afternoon, slack Miranda.

If you want something created to post to Instagram, slack Lauren.


For the fastest response, slack message the individuals or channels responsible for the questions you have. You can also contact me directly if you feel like your voice isn’t being heard or an issue isn’t being resolved.


Right now, we have 568 athletes in Wodify. Our goal is to reach 900 members by June 30th. We’ve got some work to do in the next two months to make that happen.

The things that will give us the best chance at achieving this is to have more 1-on-1 conversations. Coaches, talk more 1-on-1 with your athletes before and after class. Managers, perform more goal reviews 1-on-1 with your athletes (at least one/day!). As for me, I’m going to continue to travel and get inside each gym every week so I can talk to the members 1-on-1.

Referrals come from people that like and trust us. The best way to get people to like and trust us is to cultivate genuine relationships 1-on-1.

What’s Ahead

Today’s podcast episode reviews the standards for the Utah Super Meet happening next month, Monday’s Level Method benchmark workout, what snatch “waves” are, what percentages constitute a “light”, “moderate”, and “heavy” barbell, and the weekly “Murph Prep” workout for the next four weeks.

Here’s the calendar of upcoming events:

  • Utah’s Super Meet will be on May 21st at RxFIT-Bluffdale. Register as an athlete or as a volunteer by clicking that hyperlink.
  • Murph will be Saturday, May 28th at RxFIT-Springville, RxFIT-South Jordan, and RxFIT-Holladay. Bring your family and friends to whichever of these three gyms you live closest to. Free fruit, pancakes, orange juice, chocolate milk, and more will be provided.
  • Metcon Mania will be on Friday, June 10 at RxFIT-Orem. It’s going to be a Friday Night Throwdown!

I appreciate each of you. Comment in a thread of slack if you need clarifiation on anything. Also, give me feedback in the coming weeks on how I can make this weekly memo more helpful.

Let’s go get to 900! (once we do, gym #7 will pop up… which means more coaching and managerial opportunities!)


P.S. Many of you have already met with Tyre for nutrition, but if you haven’t yet and would like to, here’s the link to her zoom calendar. I’d recommend meeting at least once with her so you have a better idea of how good the nutrition program is (and then share that with your athletes!).

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