Mechanics -> Consistency -> Intensity

First, learn the mechanics.

Second, consistently perform those mechanics.

Then, and only then, raise the intensity.

This is the charter that we follow in our leveling-workout program, as well as how we develop coaches at RxFIT. Not only does this apply to an individual when they first join our On-Ramp program, but it’s ingrained into every one of our classes.

First, each lesson plan includes teaching the mechanics of each movement. If we’re teaching the push press, I might focus on the mechanics of keeping an upright torso and driving the knees out on the dip. Or I could focus on the head positioning as you drive the bar up or keeping the core engaged (abs, glutes, quads, and hamstrings) as you press the bar past the eyes. I’ll give you visual and verbal cues to better understand the mechanics.

Then we call out cues to see if you can consistently hit the correct positions of each movement. In our classes, we usually do this in a synchronized fashion. I tend to use tactile cues at this point.

We then turn up the intensity by starting the clock, turning up the music, and raising our voice.

This week I’ll be going into depth on this charter, specifically how it relates to habit-development.

Stay tuned.


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