Metcon Mania 22.3: Flip Flops

Workout #3 for 2022’s Metcon Mania will be a SPRINT! The test: Can you walk on your hands while breathing heavy?

Here it is:

For Time:
20 Burpees to a Target (9’/8.3′)
100-foot Handstand Walk
(3-minute time cap)

The “target” will be a 9-foot target for men and a target (a little taller than) 8-feet for women. If you haven’t done these recently, I would recommend practicing them because a “no-rep” will be costly.

The 20 burpees to a target will remain the same for all divisions. The intermediate division will do 50 handstand shoulder taps instead of the walk (killer!) while the scaled division will be doing a 50-foot seal walk.

Are you in for the challenge?

See you on June 10th! Sign-up as a competitor or volunteer HERE!


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