Metcon Mania: WOD 3

Metcon Mania is a bodyweight and cardio-only fitness competition happening on April 10th. You can register for the event here.


  • Time Domain: 5-10 Minutes
  • Scheme: Couplet
  • Priority: For Time
  • Modality: MG
  • Volume: 50-200 reps

When writing the workouts for Metcon Mania, I knew I needed at least one workout that would crown the best at gymnastics. I think this is the one.

When testing WOD 3, we had most of our athletes finish between 6-8 minutes. This is the intended stimulus of the workout. While those that go unbroken will be at the 4-minute mark, the majority of athletes will hit the intended time stimulus.

This is not a test of who can muscle-up. Rather, it’s a test of who can muscle-up with a high heart-rate and after two large sets of pull-ups and C2B pull-ups.

Also, the bike may seem negligent in this workout but this isn’t the intention. The use of the bike erg has two explanations:

  • First, I wanted to see large sets on the bar. Using an “armless” erg allows enough time for most athletes to recover and then do another big pulling set.
  • Second, I needed a second movement to distinguish the fitness level of those good at gymnastics. I figured a monostructural movement would give enough seconds between the athletes that can stay unbroken.

Be ready for the race to come down to the end. Failing a muscle-up could cost you more than just one place, so you’ll need to play it smart.


Rx Division
For Time: (Time Cap: 10-minutes)
21 Calories on the Bike Erg
21 Pull-Ups
15 Calories on the Bike Erg
15 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
9 Calories on the Bike Erg
9 Bar Muscle-Ups

Scaled Division
For Time: (Time Cap: 10-minutes)
21 Calories on the Bike Erg
21 Pull-Ups (or Jumping Pull-Ups*)
15 Calories on the Bike Erg
15 Pull-Ups (or Jumping Pull-Ups*)
9 Calories on the Bike Erg
9 Pull-Ups (or Jumping Pull-Ups*)

*If the athlete can’t do pull-ups, they can do jumping pull-ups. The bar will be set up so it is at least 6 inches above the top of the athlete‚Äôs head when standing tall. Their score will fall below any athlete in their division that completes this workout with pull-ups.

Jumping pull-ups will be judged similar to the standards of the Open workout 16.1.

This workout is for time, with a 10-minute time cap. Your score will stop after you successfully complete your 9th muscle-up and run through the finish line.

If an athlete does not finish in under 10-minutes, their total reps will be counted and used for placing to break the tie with the other athletes who did not finish.

Good luck!


(Register for Metcon Mania here.)

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