Mindset: Advancing a Just Cause

Yesterday I asked you to classify your goals into two buckets: finite ones and infinite ones. The intention of this simple exercise was to determine which games you are playing.

I then cited Simon Sinek’s five principles required in order to adopt an infinite mindset. Today, I want to address the first principle: Advancing a Just Cause.

Advancing a Just Cause

Your Just Cause is a future state that doesn’t now exist. Similar to a vision statement, it is a forward looking idea so inspiring that you’re willing to sacrifice short-term gratification in order for the cause to be realized.

My parents understood this well and implemented a just cause within our family growing up. The tagline for our just cause became a rally cry worth fighting for: “No Empty Chairs.” This means that our family is better when together — both in this life and in the life to come. Regardless of future events and unforeseen challenges, we were going to support each other in order to realize this cause.

Other Examples

Steve Jobs had a just cause: A world where an individual could compete with a corporation. It just so happened that the personal computer was the perfect product to advance this cause. Phones, watches, and other products Apple now creates continue to advance this cause.

Simon Sinek has a just cause: A world where the vast majority of individuals wake up inspired, feel safe wherever they are, and end the day fulfilled by the work they do. Writing books, public speaking, and online courses just so happen to be great products in order for him to advance his cause.

And RxFIT: A world where individuals reach their goals because they know exactly what to do and how to do it. Coaching exercise and nutrition happen to be great products for us to in order to advance our cause.

Daily Directive

Read this article written by Stephen Shedletzky which outlines how to create and advanced a just cause.

Then, adopt (or create) one on paper. This just cause will serve as a lighthouse for your goals and decisions heading into 2021.


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