Mindset: Trusting Teams

Yesterday I invited you to adopt (or create) a just cause on paper. If you did this, your just cause will serve as a lighthouse for your goals and decisions heading into 2021.

As part of this series on developing an infinite mindset, today I want to address the second principle: Trusting Teams.

Trusting Teams

How do you get more out of yourself (and others)?

You probably remember this video that went viral in 2017. After overbooking a flight, United Airlines started kicking off passengers in order to make room for their standby crew. This customer in particular suffered a concussion and broken teeth.

Everyone involved in this situation knew what was happening in front of them was wrong. Why didn’t anyone say anything?

Perhaps they (or leadership) was trying to answer the above question. Trying to ring out every last bit of energy and performance like a wet rag ends up creating an environment where individuals are fearful to speak up.

The better question would’ve been: How do you create an environment where you (and others) can work at your natural best?

Creating an Environment

I’ve gotten pretty fit before on my own — but I never enjoyed it much. I also had regular aches and pains that never seemed to completely heal.

I foolishly thought that at 23 years old, I reached my “prime” in high school and that I would never be as fit again.

Until I started working out with Miranda, Tyre, and Darren.

We made a pact to workout at the same time together every day. We pushed each other to give our best. But we also became good enough friends that if my body was hurting and I needed to modify or skip out on a movement, I wasn’t going to be made fun of.

Today, I’m far fitter than I was back in high school. It’s because of Miranda, Tyre, and Darren — because of my environment.

Daily Directive

Make a pact with a friend. Commit to showing up to the gym every day.

You’ll get in the best shape of your life.

Create the environment and the results will take care of themselves.


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