On-Ramp: Your First 10-Days at RxFIT

We prescribe fitness based on two components: your goals and your performance data.

For example, if you have a goal of running a marathon in under 4-hours, I first need to know how fast you can run a mile. Or if you have a goal of doing a pull-up, I need to know if you can first hold your own bodyweight on a pull-up bar without your feet touching the ground.

The same is true for getting six-pack abs, having more energy, or anything else along the lines of health. I need to know your goals and your starting point. This is why everyone who starts at RxFIT goes through our On-Ramp program: a series of one-on-one personal training and nutrition coaching sessions.

The On-Ramp Sessions

First, each session begins with a warm-up and an explanation of the benchmarks we will be performing for the day. We have 15 benchmarks and they can all be found here on the level method map.

After a rundown of the plan and instruction on the movement mechanics, we start a clock and get you working out. The coach’s job is to then push you as far as your technique will allow. We want you to work hard! And then, after pushing yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of, we’ll cool-down with a few different stretches and a review of the session.

We will listen and watch how you move each day in order to appropriately schedule Rest Days. You will follow a schedule that looks similar to this:

  • Workout 1: Weightlifting, Rings, and Squat Endurance
  • Workout 2: Deadlift, Upper-Body Push, and Upper/Lower Endurance
  • Workout 3: Front Squat, Upper-Body Pull, and Lactic Tolerance
  • Workout 4: Running, Neurological & Core Endurance, and Kettlebell
  • Session 5: Meet with your nutrition coach and perform the Rowing assessment
  • Workout 6: Aerobic Power Intervals and Flexibility
    (See Level Method Map for details on the assessments)

On one of your Rest Days, you will meet with your nutrition coach over Zoom. In this remote coaching session, our nutritionist will listen to you and create a nutrition plan to follow. She won’t prescribe to any specific diet because every individual is unique. What makes our nutritionists successful is focusing on your habits surrounding food and sleep; and then coming up with a plan to hold you accountable to something sustainable.

After each of the six sessions, your personal trainer and nutritionist write detailed notes on how things went. Only in this manner can we ensure that your personal trainer, nutrition coach, and the gym manager are all on the same page. Then, after all sessions are completed, you will receive a colored graph that maps your strengths and weaknesses in fitness–something like this:

The gym manager reviews again your goals, your performance data, and the notes from your personal trainer and nutrition coach. They will then sit down with you again and discuss the best plan moving forward. This goal review meeting is where the 6-Week Challenge begins. This challenge is exciting because it’s a tailor-made “fitness prescription”–a workout and diet plan specific to your goals.

The On-Ramp prior to the 6-Week Challenge simply ensures that we prescribe the right fitness plan for you from the beginning.


A simple explanation on the On-Ramp process and why identifying and working on weaknesses is important.
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