Peculiar Cues: Freestanding Handstand Push-Ups

Too often so much focus is placed on the handstand push-up against the wall that I see complacency start to kick in after gaining the skill. The freestanding handstand push-up is the next progression in the inverted pressing series and should be a goal of anyone that can string together multiple strict handstand push-ups.

When you’re learning this skill, you will need to practice four drills:

  • Handstand somersault.
  • Pressing out of a freestanding tripod.
  • Eccentric presses from handstand to tripod.
  • Bottom-to-bottom freestanding handstand push-ups.

I wanted to make a video demonstrating each of these drills. Recognize that I’m still learning this skill myself, so you’re going to see some failed attempts.


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