Plate Habit #2

Yesterday I spoke about how eating off of a dinner plate would help you avoid processed foods. Today I want to talk further that discussion by talking about the size of the plate.

Most Americans will have 11-inch plates in their kitchen. Many may even have 13-inch plates.

But you only need a 9-inch plate.

One of my old nutrition coaches told me a story about putting away her family’s 11-inch plates a couple years ago during the Summer. She replaced their 11-inch plates with 9-inch ones from Target.

But when Thanksgiving came around, she wanted her family to enjoy a big meal! With a decorated placemat, she pulled back out their old, 11-inch plates so her family could enjoy a Thanksgiving feast together.

One of her son’s at the end of the meal said to her, “Every Thanksgiving, I can eat at least two plates full of food. But this year, I can’t even finish everything from my first plate! What is wrong with me?”


Crazy, I know… but by simply changing the size of her family’s plates in the house, her son’s (and the rest of her family’s) metabolism changed. Small things have a way of making a big difference.

If you’re in the habit of eating your meals off of a dinner plate, step 2 would be to trade out your 11-inch plates with 9-inch ones.

Smaller plates will result in smaller portion sizes.

Listen to more healthy habits surrounding nutrition on today’s podcast episode of the RxFIT Radio.


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