Preparing For A Fitness Competition

This weekend, Coach Tyre, Miranda, and I will be competing at a Fitness Festival in Cedar City (“Iron Games”). We’ve been preparing this whole year for the event, so we’re excited to test our fitness over these next three days.

I have competed both as an individual and on a team over the years in Crossfit-style competitions and have learned some valuable lessons (and I expect to learn more this weekend). As dozens of RxFIT athletes prepare to compete in this year’s Festivus Games, I thought that maybe I could blog my experience competing this weekend. I hope that it will be to your advantage during your next competition.

Upcoming Questions

So this week I polled twenty competitive athletes and boiled their questions down to seven. Each day over the next week, I will answer these most important concerns most people have during their first competition.

  1. What should my nutrition look like? What should I eat right before and after each workout?
  2. How do I avoid comparing myself to others on the day of competition?
  3. How should I recover in between workouts?
  4. What should my friends and family expect if they come to cheer me on? Will I be able to see them/be with them?
  5. What should my mindset be like before and after each workout?
  6. What should I do to warm-up before each workout? What should I do to cool-down after each workout?
  7. How can I give each workout my best effort while avoiding injury?

If you have other questions, simply reply to this blog and I’d be happy to respond to them. If I get any repeat questions that aren’t covered in these seven, maybe I’ll share them with the greater RxFIT community as well.


Stay tuned.


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