Press to Handstand Progressions

Kicking up into a handstand against the wall is cool. But after you can do it, there’s so much more to strive for. In reality, there actually not much strength needed in order to throw yourself upside down into a wall. Set the goal to achieve this, and then go and accomplish it. I generally can help someone get their first handstand in less than 30-minutes.

Learning to “press” your body up into a handstand is a different story. Not only is it a worthwhile pursuit, but also one that is virtuous. Don’t become complacent in your calisthenics until you can perform at least a press to handstand from a straddled stand.

Below are four progressions that will eventually get you to the straddled standing, press to handstand. For the rare few that reach this goal, I’ve included eight additional skills to continue to keep your interest and help you set goals well into the future.

Press to Handstand Progressions

  • Press to Headstand
  • Handstand Straddle Against a Wall
  • Press to Handstand Leaning on a Wall
  • Press to Handstand With a Spot
  • Press to Handstand From a Straddled Stand
  • Press to Handstand Starting With Your Butt Against a Wall
  • Press to Handstand Lower to Straddle L
  • Straddle L Press to Handstand
  • L Press to Stand on Parallettes
  • L Press to Handstand on Parallettes
  • Standing Pike Press to Handstand
  • Straddle Planche Press to Handstand
  • Wide-Arm Press to Handstand

I’ll eventually make a video for you including all of these. In the meantime, read more on the mechanics of each of these skills here.


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