Risk in Athletics

If you’ve worked out in a gym, played sports, run in a race, or otherwise been active for any prolonged period of time, chances are that you’ve come across an injury or two before. If you haven’t, you’ve probably been lucky, because you probably know somebody who has become injured by doing these things.

When I started CrossFit 7 years ago, I was told by one of my best friends to “be careful…a lot of crossfitters get injuries.” At that time, I was only a few weeks into my fitness journey and it was the most discouraging thing she could have told me. I was on fire! I felt motivated to be in the gym, excited by the things I was learning, and determined to work until I got results. I know that when my friend told me to be careful, it was out of concern; but thankfully I looked the other way and continued on.

Yes, some crossfitters get hurt. Some runners get hurt, too. Football players, kickboxers, swimmers, soccer players, tennis players, bicyclists, and bodybuilders also get injuries. Some non-active people become obese. They can develop chronic back, knee, and hip pain. They can become type II diabetic, their bones may become brittle, they may develop heart disease or simply have a lower quality of life because they are limited in the things their body can do for them.

Do all non-active people become fat, sick, and develop chronic pain? Certainly not. Nor do all active people end up with shoulder injuries or end up in surgery for broken bones and torn muscles. My point is that there is risk to life. The good news is that life is very much a “choose your own adventure!” You’ve seen the quotes on facebook that say, “Being fit is hard. Being fat is hard. Choose your hard.” 

YOU OWN YOUR DESTINY; and though you may not have it in your genetics or capacity to end up in the olympics with your fitness, you absolutely have it within you to make the healthy decision. Move your body, eat a vegetable, drink some water. Or, you can sit all day, eat junk, and drink soda. Your decisions will directly affect your ability to live the quality of life that you want. Yes, there’s some risk involved. You might sprain an ankle and need to take a few weeks off, or you might find out that you have some freakish allergy to broccoli. The alternative is finding out you need help getting to the toilet when you’re 75 years old. Your muscles have become too weak. Your body has become too heavy. You were too sedentary for too long, and now (sooner than you think!) a sedentary lifestyle has become the only option.

Life is an adventure! Which one do you choose?

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