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Today, four years ago, Mark and I took over running Provo CrossFit. Then, we thought we were getting involved with a fun hobby that would end up being a great resume builder. It pains me to say that now. Little did we know how hard in love we would fall for the gym and its members. This has now become our professional careers.

We wake up each morning inspired to create a world where individuals reach their fitness goals because they know exactly what to do and how to do it. Mark and I decided to rebrand to RxFIT  because of this vision. We are much more than just a CrossFit gym.

We wanted a brand that represented what we were trying to accomplish.

We wanted to keep health and fitness simple.

We wanted to deliver results through prescribed fitness.

Your Experience

When you walk into an RxFIT gym for the first time, you and I will sit down and have a conversation. I’ll ask you questions about your health, what you’re hoping to accomplish, and what has and hasn’t worked well in the past. I’ll listen and seek to understand you. I’ll give you as much time as you need.

You will then leave with your own “fitness prescription” of what will get you the results you want. I will give you a coach who will guide you to those results. I do this so you can’t fail. I then will sit down with you again, at least every three months, and review how things are going. In essence, I become your fitness doctor.

This belief comes from my understanding that fitness is synonymous with health – the fitter you are, the less susceptible you are to disease, sickness, and decrepitude. You probably believe the same thing. You don’t worry about olympic athletes being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. You almost never hear about them having heart failure. And only a handful of them die from cancer. That accounts for almost 80% of all deaths in America. Fitness, then, not only is a hedge against sickness – but also death.

Let’s break this down even more. When you are seeking to improve your health, there are seven variables that move the needle:

  • Sleep – the quantity and quality of your sleep.
  • Nutrition – the quantity and quality of the food you eat.
  • Exercise – what and how you move.
  • Mindset – what and how you think about the world around you.
  • Relationships – the quantity and quality of your social connections.
  • Genes – the predetermined traits given to you at birth from your parents.
  • Environment – the situation you were born into (i.e. you drink dirty water because you don’t know any better).

I first heard of these seven variables from Ben Bergeron, a well-known fitness coach and entrepreneur. Because you can’t control the last two (the genes you received at birth or the environment you grew up in), we only focus on the first five. These five variables you can control. Bergeron coined these “The Five Factors of Health.”

The Prescription

I’ve adopted and modified my own understanding of the five factors, and now prescribe it individually to everyone that comes into the gym. Everyone needs to take control over these five factors, but the manner in which it is implemented varies by degree. This is why you need a coach – a professional friend to guide you along the way.

I wrote about each of these factors in depth last week. Below, I summarized our general prescription with a hyperlink to take you to those posts:

Fitness really is this simple. Implement these habits and live to see your grandkids become adults – I’m that confident in this. I go in depth with my explanations in the hyperlinked articles. I invite you to read them regularly. 

Coming Full Circle

Happy anniversary. We’re four years into a long journey. Let’s continue to create this world of individuals reaching their fitness goals because they know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Come on in for your free fitness prescription. Invite your spouse, parents, and grandparents to receive theirs as well. Have them sign up for a time to meet with me here.

You have my promise to deliver them results.


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