The Day My Training Failed Me

“What the heck just happened?” I asked myself.

I was on my stomach with my face in the grass. I had just gotten turned around in a football drill and ended up tripping over my feet. The running back had caught the ball and was running away from me.

I stood up and brushed the freshly cut grass off my shirt.

“That’s all right. I’ll get him on the next play,” I told myself.

But the next play came and I failed again.

And again.

And then again.

The coach blew his whistle and led us over to the other side of the field for a new drill. I was in the middle of my college football tryout, this time trying to “shed” a block and tackle the running back.

The ball was snapped and the play ended in 5-seconds. Instead of being on my stomach with my face in the grass, I was on my back with my eyes gazing at the clouds.

The offensive lineman hit me so hard that I stumbled backwards and tripped over my feet (again).

“C’mon Tyler. You’re better than that!” I told myself frustrated.

But the next play came and I failed again.

And again.

And then again.

The coach blew his whistle and told us to go get some water. A few of the coaches pulled players aside and began asking them for their names.

I wasn’t one of those players. I knew that my dream of playing college football was going to slip through my fingertips unless I did something special.

We ran back out and did more drills: speed & agility, tackling, skeleton passing, among other drills.

Two-hours had passed when I found myself on a knee with the other players, surrounding the Head Coach.

“The final roster will be posted at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning,” he said.

“If your name is on that roster, walk through the double doors and you’ll see your name on a plate in the locker room. I need you dressed and in the weight room by 8:30 a.m.”

Some of the linebackers around me were smiling and excited. Others weren’t. The anxiety was high.

I walked back to my dorm room after that tryout wishing I could fast forward time to 8:00 a.m. the next morning.

Instead, I had to lay wide awake through the night thinking about that final roster.

Would you like to know what I found out that next morning? Are you interested in how I was able to transform my body and mind not only to one of the fittest on the team, but in the region?

If so, then look for my email tomorrow. I’m going to write about the epiphany I had, but more importantly, I’m going to explain how you can use it to get similar results in your life!

So, look for tomorrow’s email. The subject line is Fitness Secrets.


Tyler “Wish I Could Tryout Again” Welch

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Talk to you tomorrow!

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