The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect

“I just went through a really bad divorce and my confidence is at an all-time low right now.” 

You continued, “I need the domino effect in my life. I’m trying to buy my first house and start a business. I feel that if I can get my health right, not only will I have the energy that I need to do these things, but I won’t doubt myself like I always do when things get tough.”

What I’ve learned with so many people like you trying to lose weight is that you wake up in the morning looking at a reflection in the mirror you dread. In between the few days of motivating self-talk, your words are harsh and cunning. You beat yourself up for eating another plate of dinner the night before. Then you starve yourself of breakfast in the morning saying, “I don’t deserve to eat.”

The domino effect is a great metaphor. It essentially says that if you can get one domino falling in the right direction, it will hit the other dominoes in your life and cause them to fall in the right direction. The only problem is, that first domino is usually weight-loss.


My Rude Awakening


Last year I was sitting at The CrossFit Games when a man named Chris Cooper stood up to give a presentation titled, “7 Habits of Bad Gym Owners.” I had recently finished reading Steven Covey’s book weeks before, so I was intrigued.

His first words: “You’re poor because you have poor-man’s habits.” He proceeded to talk for 45 minutes about 7 habits that I had…

That presentation was really hard for me to hear.

But then I realized that my situation wasn’t any different than yours: poor-business habits lead to poor-business results; or in your case, fat-man habits lead to fat-man results. It’s as simple as that.

So I hired a coach.


The Role of A Coach


I hired a coach to be my guide.

My coach first needed to show me how my habits were leading to the results I didn’t want.

Next, my coach showed me how to replace those habits with the results I did want.

And finally, my coach held me accountable.

All my coach required of me was great effort. So that’s what I’ve given ever since.


The Importance of A Coach


Think about the different coaches in your life:

Parents are coaches.

Teachers are coaches.

Mentors are coaches.

The fact of the matter is that in this life, we all need coaches.

We need a coach to cheer us up when we’re feeling down.

And we need a coach to humble us when we’re feeling good about ourselves.


Your Rude Awakening (maybe)


I hope that if you’re not yet apart of the RxFIT family, that you soon will be.

RxFIT will be your first experience with a coach since high school sports.

RxFIT will also be your first experience with a coach that accommodates 1:1 relationships.

And finally… your RxFIT coach will guide you to knock over that first domino in your life which is weight-loss.

Then the momentum will start to pick up for everything else in your life.

Let’s do this, together.


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