The Last Dance: What the Chicago Bulls and RxFIT Have In Common

The Last Dance: What the Chicago Bulls and RxFIT Have In Common


“The Last Dance” is a 10-part series on the 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls as they went on to win their sixth and final championship.


Some of the more famous players on that team were Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Steve Kerr. They were coached by Phil Jackson.


Every Sunday night for the next four weeks, ESPN will be broadcasting this highly-anticipated documentary.


Episodes three and four air tonight, so I wanted to write what we’ve learned about the Chicago Bulls – more specifically, what we have implemented at RxFIT to deliver you results.



A Great Coach


After winning their fifth championship in the 1996-1997 season, senior management told Coach Phil Jackson that the following year would be his last year with the organization.


Jerry Krause, General Manager of the Bulls, even told Jackson that if he led the team to a perfect 82-0 season that he still wouldn’t return. Clearly, there was some issues between Jackson and Krause.


But Coach Jackson established a relationship of trust and respect with his players. Michael Jordan even responded to senior management that he refused to play for another coach if they didn’t resign Phil Jackson at the end of the year.


Coach Jackson wasn’t resigned and four of the starting five players left the team, including Jordan. They went from winning three championships in-a-row to becoming the worst team in the NBA.


Great teams have a great coach – one the players trust and respect.


Close Teammates


The Chicago Bulls 1990’s dynasty was clearly led by Michael Jordan – but if you watch the documentary tonight, you will see how tight-knit the players were.

They spent time outside of practice with each other.

They hung out on the golf course together.

Some would even go on family vacations together.


Great teams always have close relationships. Teammates trust and respect each other enough to even correct one another.

For example, in the 1997 season, Scottie Pippen chose to sat out the first half of the season due to salary issues. Jordan called him out publicly saying that he was being selfish and that the team needed him.

Pippen then came back and they went on to win another championship.


Great teams have close teammates – teammates who depend on each other.




For eight years, The Chicago Bulls achieved results because they had a great coach and close teammates. This combination turned them into the greatest basketball team in history.


Their results speak for themselves – six NBA championships in eight years.


Great teams deliver results. But what about great gyms?


RxFIT: Delivering Results


Our slogan here at RxFIT is “Delivering Results.”


We recognize that in order to deliver results, you need a great coach and close “teammates.”


A Great Coach

Every Saturday morning, our coaching staff  jumps on a call to report on athletes and ask questions. The goal of these calls is to help build stronger relationships of trust and respect between the coaches and athletes.


Then, once a month we meet together in-person to receive training from Miranda – our Head Coach. The goal of these meetings is to further develop our ability to teach, see, correct, manage, and demonstrate movement inside the gym so that you get the results you want outside the gym.


Our coaches also coach the same classes every day, so we ask that you attend the same class each time. We say this so that a relationship can develop. 


Eventually, this relationship will be built on trust and respect. We are in search of what Phil Jackson had with his players.


Close Teammates

There is another reason we recommend that you attend the same class every day. If the same people show up to workout at the same time as you, you become more than just workout friends. You become teammates showing up to practice.


These relationships can be powerful, and you’ll find yourself hanging out with each other on the golf course or eating dinner together.


You will also  soon recognize that you not showing up affects them. Similar to Scottie Pippen, your teammates will tell you that they need your support to achieve the results they want.


Great gyms need both – a great coach and close teammates.




First, watch the documentary tonight beginning at 7:00 p.m. on ESPN. You won’t regret it. Karli has never watched a full-game of basketball in her life, yet she wouldn’t leave the couch last week during the episode. I promise that you will like it that much.


Second, just show up to practice. We’re in a unique situation right now with COVID, but you can still show up to practice at home. Your coach will contact you twice a day remotely and your teammates will hold you accountable through our private Facebook page.


We’re in search of creating something special here at RxFIT – something similar to the 1990’s Chicago Bulls.


Together, we will deliver results.




P.S. I’m nothing like Jerry Krause. Schedule a call with me here so I can answer any of your questions.

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