The RxFIT Programming Plan

A lot has changed within the melting pot of RxFIT. The merging of four separate gym communities into the Provo and Springville RxFIT gyms has made for a lot of change–especially because it all happened so fast within the span of six months.

Our team of managers and specialty coaches spent hours last week in meetings attempting to create an annual plan–one that was both predictable and exciting for you (the members). As we head into a new quarter, here is that annual plan.


Events are important to us for two reasons:

  • They give you a goal worth training for every day.
  • They bring the community together.

For these two reasons alone, we will host an event every month. In our annual plan for this next year, we have broken the quarters into three categories: Nutrition + Community, Weightlifting, and Mixed-Modality.

The Nutrition + Community Events will include the Dexa Body scan in addition to some event only available to members of RxFIT.

The Weightlifting Events will be competitions that have a bias toward strength; in other words, these are great events to train for if you want to get stronger. These events will always include barbells, and will occasionally include kettlebells, dumbbells, and sandbags.

The Mixed Modality Events will be broad tests of fitness. Sometimes these events will look a lot like crossfit, while other times (i.e. September) it will be biased toward cardio and gymnastic junkies.

The calendar will look like this.


Because our events now cycle on a quarterly basis, we can now unify the programming of our service offerings. In other words, the weightlifting and competition prep programming will sync up well with the group programming. And here’s how:

The Group Programming will now follow a GPP template. GPP stands for general physical preparedness and means that you will train a broad range of time and modal domains (read more here). We have found Mayhem Athlete to be the most balanced program on the market, so their workouts will become the “red” versions every day. We will then use our leveling system to break the intended stimulus down to the black, brown, purple, blue, orange, yellow, and white levels.

The Weightlifting and Competition Prep will now have 12-week cycles to get you ready for these events. Because each weightlifting event will happen (roughly) 13 weeks after the previous one, this gives our weightlifting athletes a 1-week “deload” week before starting on another strength cycle. This also applies to the competition prep program, allowing those athletes to have plenty of time to get better at muscle-ups, handstands, and cycling barbells.

And finally, the Nutrition Program has been revamped this past month and will be focused on building healthy habits across “90-Day Sprints”. In addition to the one-on-one coaching, our nutrition coaches also plan to put on small group nutrition classes throughout the year.

Benchmarks and Goal Reviews

We will keep the same 15 level-based benchmarks that we have used in the past. Instead of testing one benchmark at a time every week, we will cluster them together and test them monthly. In other words, Benchmark Monday will now be the first Monday of the month.

We have grouped these 15 benchmarks into four groups, allowing for three cycles every year. We will follow each group’s Benchmark Monday testing with Goal Reviews throughout the rest of the week.

Goal Reviews are one-on-one meetings between you and the manager. They last anywhere between 20-30 minutes and are an opportunity to review your attendance and PR history (i.e. Levels), and then set new goals for the next four months.

These goals can vary. But with so many different types of events to choose from now at RxFIT, maybe one of your four-month goals includes joining a specialty program and preparing for an event.


Here are a few key takeaways that you can expect here at RxFIT.

  • An event worth participating in will happen every month. In some months, multiple events will occur.
  • The Group Class workouts will continue to use levels but will now follow Mayhem Athlete. The first Monday of every month will be a testing day.
  • The Weightlifting and Competition Prep programs will use the group programming template in order to prevent redundant training. They will follow 12-week strength and skill cycles. (Note, you don’t need to sign up for the event in order to join the program. You also don’t need to be in the program to participate in the event.)
  • Goal Reviews will begin this week and are included for free in your RxFIT membership. Strive to have one every 4-months. Simply schedule one with your gym’s manager.

I’m excited! Are you?


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