The Secret to Getting Abs

The Secret to Getting Abs

In today’s article, I want to bust a few myths regarding “getting abs.”

I’ve avoided talking about this topic because I don’t think “getting abs” should ever be a goal. Becoming fit should be. This is because fitness reveals your abs; abs don’t reveal your fitness.

For example, I hopped on Google and found two articles: “The Secret to Getting A Six-Pack” and “7 Strategies to Six-Pack Abs Fast.” The titles of these articles don’t bother me – but the content does. Doing more crunches or eating more fiber does nothing to your abs. It’s time we have the simple truth.

Just like everyone has two biceps, you also have six-pack abs. Congratulations, you have something you’ve been searching for your whole life.

So, how do you “get” something that you already have? You find it.

Your six-pack doesn’t show because you have fat covering it up. Lose the body fat and you will find your six-pack.

Therefore, the secret to getting abs is to lose your body fat. 


Body Fat Percentage


Body fat percentage is the total mass of fat divided by your total body mass. “Wellness” for a male is around 18% and 24% for a female.

At RxFIT, however, we don’t want to be “well” – we want to be “fit.” Fitness is “super wellness,” and the advantage is that you then place a buffer between you and sickness. The buffer is “wellness.”

Chronic diseases start around 30% for males and 40% for females. If you’re anywhere near this, email me now ( You’re playing with fire and I can help.


When Will My Abs Start to Show?


Generally, a male’s six-pack starts to show around 14% body fat and a female’s around 18% body fat. These are obviously approximations and it would be better to give a sliding scale. But the hard truth is that no male ever at 14%, or female at 18%, didn’t have abs.

The other nice thing about these numbers is that you are now past wellness and have become “fit.”


Common Myths


If you open up any fitness magazine at CVS or the airport, you will see some of the following strategies for “getting” abs.

More cardio.

Do more crunches.

Increase protein intake.

Stay hydrated.

Fill up on fiber.

Don’t bite on this crap. Does drinking more water or eating more fiber actually do anything to your abs? No.

Remember, abs don’t make you fit; but being fit gives you abs. Therefore, the best strategies for “getting” abs is to do those things that make you fit.




When I was in high school, one of my best friends was on the cross-country team. He weighed 145 pounds and sat around 8% body fat.

I played football. I weighed 190 pounds and sat around 11% body fat.

We would walk out to practices after school together where he would always brag about having “more defined abs.”

I’ll admit, his abs were more defined. But come on… I could’ve snapped that twig in half.

Don’t be bamboozled. “Getting” abs isn’t the goal – becoming fit is.

Abs come from the lack of body fat.


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