Top 10 Open Movements: The Double Under

We know it… we love it…. we hate it….

The double under has appeared EVERY YEAR of the CF Open since 2011.  So you can pretty much bank on it coming up again.

The double under challenges: Coordination, cardiovascular capacity, our calves, quads, glutes, and shoulders!  Our friend Dave Castro (he writes the Open WODS) will couple them with anything!  So you never know what you will be doing before or after.

If you are great at them awesome!! Keep practicing your consistency and your volume (the amount of reps you can do) under fatigue.  You need to get to a point where double unders are a “rest.” 

If you are not great at them then you have to PRACTICE and deal with the a few whip marks and frustration.

Top 4 Double Under Mistakes:

Using your whole arm instead of just your wrists.

Jumping into a pike or donkey kick

Letting your arm float away from your body

Using a rope not ideal for you height. (RPM has some sweet ropes if you are in the market).

Really the way to get better is to put in the TIME and CONSISTENT PRACTICE.


Single Under into Double Under practice

Jump trying to mirror a great double under friend

EMOM work

Rep goal and if you mess up start over from 0

Practice them without music so you can hear the rhythm of the jump rope.

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