Week In Review: December 12

In case you missed it, here is a summary of everything we published last week in order to help you reach your fitness goals.


5 Recipes For December: Sometimes eating healthy gets boring–if you don’t go out to eat, you will only eat the things you know how to make. Cooking, therefore, is a good habit that will help you eat healthier…

Back Squat: High-Bar vs. Low-Bar: With the back squat, you will see olympic lifters place the barbell on their traps and powerlifters place it lower down on their upper back. There are advantages and disadvantages to each…

Deadlift: Conventional vs. Sumo: The conventional deadlift will tax more of your hamstrings and low back. The sumo deadlift is more like a squat where your quads are doing a large portion of the work along with hamstrings and glutes…

Bench Press: Close-Grip vs. Wide-Grip: With the more experienced lifter, you will either see them with a close-grip or a wide-grip. The close-grip will work more of your triceps, inner pecs, and deltoids while the wide-grip focuses on the outer pecs and shoulders…

Jerk: Split vs. Squat: Regardless of your style of jerk (power, split, or squat), they all share the same traits beyond the receiving position. The dip and drive motion is identical—straight down, straight up, and bar slightly backward as it moves into the overhead position…

Snatch (DB): Horizontal-Grip vs. Vertical-Grip: The horizontal grip in the dumbell snatch mimics more of a barbell snatch. The vertical grip mimics more of an american kettlebell swing…

Quality of Life: Sleep: Six reasons why you need sleep.

Quality of Life: Stress Management: Bad stress vs. good stress and a self-assessment tool.

Quality of Life: Nutrition: Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.

Quality of Life: Exercise: What, why, and how behind moving everyday.


How Mauricio Goro Lost 30-lbs During COVID: What Mauricio did to continue to lose weight during a worldwide pandemic.

Laws of the Farm: Enduring Principles on Health: Principles that every scientist, professor, and “expert” will agree on. And why they’re important to you before setting your 2021 fitness goals.


Daily WOD

I’m challenging you right now to workout 50 days in-a-row. Here is your workout today.

Day 35 (of 50)
For Quality (Not For Time):
Perform 30 Pike Press-to-Handstands

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