Welcome RxFIT-Holladay

Hey Spearhead Family

CrossFit Spearhead has been a long-standing community full of great coaches and athletes for years. I’m grateful for the confidence Dallin and Carly have placed in me and I look forward to carrying on a rich tradition.

It might surprise you, but I’ve worked out with a lot of you this past month in the classes. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and have been impressed with your fitness. You’ll learn quickly that my favorite part of being a gym owner is hopping into the classes with you and working out. I’ve learned over the years that nothing quite builds community like cracking jokes and laughing does during the cool-down after a hard metcon.

I plan to coach a majority of the classes during the first couple of weeks in December just so we can get to know each other better. I really love being a gym owner and I think you will see this bleed through my enthusiasm as I coach in the coming weeks. Spearhead will now be RxFIT’s fourth location, with three other gyms in Provo, Springville, and Draper.

As we bring Spearhead into the RxFIT family, I want you to know that you are now part of the largest functional fitness community in Utah. This is significant for a few reasons:

  • First, this allows us to employ coaches full-time. This is unique to the Crossfit community, but full-time coaches allow us to hire and develop individuals who are professionals. That means no cancelled sessions, ill-prepared programming, or half-effort coaching.
  • Second, this means that every personal training session, nutrition consult, or group class workout will be data-driven from over 600 other athletes. We are meticulous in the details of what’s working and what’s not–and then we share that with everyone at RxFIT. (i.e. get ready for A LOT of PR’s!)
  • Being part of RxFIT also means more community events! We love getting together, working out, and eating good food. You can expect both competitions open to the public as well as private, RxFIT-only events.
  • And so much more.

Mark, the other owner, will visit from time-to-time to meet with you and workout, but you will inevitably see more of me. This is just because of our individual roles in the company. I’ve been looking forward to our face-to-face interactions for a while now and can’t wait!

Finally, you should be aware of two exciting dates:

  • Next Monday, November 29th, we will go through a two-week assessment phase. Strive to attend the classes as consistently as you can on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for these two weeks. I need to get the objective data behind our fitness. This allows me to deliver some really cool benefits and help you reach goals faster
  • Friday, February 25th will be our annual RxFIT-intramural Open event. Spearhead will go head-to-head against the Provo, Springville, and Draper locations to find the fittest gym! (More details to come in January.)

Lastly, one of the changes I need to implement immediately is a software one. If you haven’t already, you will be receiving an email from Wodify this morning. This is our member-management platform. Please open that email and create your profile.

The future is bright! I look forward to many workouts and good times with you as I seek to serve and provide you the very best Utah has to offer.


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