What’s Their BATNA?

Last year as part of the mastermind group that I’m part of, we had a few world-renowned negotiators speak to us about persuasion. Their overall message was about strengthening your BATNA in conversations. BATNA is an acronym for Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement.

In other words, “What’s your plan B?”

These negotiators than shared stories about terrorists that they had to work with in the Middle East. Many of these negotiator’s BATNAs were losing American hostages (i.e. They would take hostage of women and children and threaten their lives if they didn’t receive a certain amount of money, etc.)

These were wild and dramatic examples, but it helped highlight to me the BATNAs in my life. More specifically, the BATNAs of my wife and kids.

  • What is Karli’s best alternative if I don’t come home on time today?
  • What is Zeke’s best alternative if I don’t teach him how to throw a baseball?
  • What will Rocky eat if I don’t help with the grocery shopping?
  • What is Karli’s best alternative if I stop working out and get a Dad Bod?
  • etc.

Think about these for a second. Is your family not the most important thing in your life? For me, being a Fit Dad is the most important thing I can offer my wife and kids. I want to be the best alternative for Karli and my kids–that includes me being in shape and full of energy to be an asset to them.

This week I’m going to write to you about 5 different strategies you can immediately implement in order to start being a Fit Dad.


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