Where Is My Weakness?

A few months ago, I spoke on the theoretical hierarchy of development for an athlete. I originally came across this theory when I first read What is Fitness?


At RxFIT, we’ve adopted pieces of that hierarchy and made our own. We generally place sleep at the bottom of this pyramid, but for the sake of today’s article, I took it out.



Prescribing fitness starts with regular one-on-one meetings between you and an RxFIT manager. We try to do these every three months with athletes, and as they continuously progress, we use their performance data to write health plans.


Where Is My Weakness?


This pyramid has great utility in assessing weaknesses in your fitness. You generally know what your weaknesses are, but you can’t know for sure until you start to benchmark your scores against the world.


So I scraped well over 1,000,000 different pages of performance data on the internet from different gyms, programs, and competitions. I wanted to have objective measures so you (and I) could benchmark our scores and gain a better understanding on our overall health.


Finally, you can pinpoint what exactly is your biggest weakness. Then, by working on that weakness, you become a healthier individual.


Below you will see appropriate benchmarks for each discipline along with a point system from 1-30. If you find yourself anywhere between 1-9, this is a big weakness. Well individuals will find their scores between 10-19. The fittest will find their scores between 21-30.


There are 61 benchmarks broken up into five modalities: nutrition, metabolic conditioning, conditioning, calisthenics, and weightlifting. They are also placed in order of priority.


Because we preach broad, general, and inclusive fitness, we want to eventually have a score of 20+ across all benchmarks.


(If the pictures are pixelated, view the images here).



Nutrition: Only one benchmark here: body fat percentage.


Metabolic Conditioning: These are classic multi-modality workouts that include different disciplines. If you don’t know what these workouts are, simply perform a Google search and you will find them quickly.


Cardio: Rowing, running, swimming, and jumping fall under this category. Eventually, I need to put in biking here. I haven’t spent much time on a bike and much of the data I scrapped was absent of this modality. Nevertheless, biking certainly belongs in this category.


Calisthenics: Bodyweight gymnastic exercises. You can think of this domain as gymnastics without the artistic side of the sport. Flexibility also plays a part in this modality, but like biking, I simply lack the knowledge to confidently place a numerical value on it (at least right now).


Weightlifting: This is barbell strength. Upper- and lower-body strength manifested in both pushing and pulling movements.




What are your goals?


Then, where does your data suggest is your biggest weakness?


After determining your goals and weaknesses, schedule a call with me here in order to start working with a coach and chasing these goals. We are the only gym I am aware of that customizes your exercise plan based on objective data.


I’ve spent years hiring and developing a coaching staff comprised with different backgrounds. For example:


We have nutritionists to work with those that want to lower their body fat percentage.


We have crossfit coaches who work with those that have goals of eliminating back pain, feeling overall healthier, and gaining back some strength.


We have conditioning coaches who work with those that have goals of completing marathons, spartan races, and triathlons.


We have calisthenic coaches who work with those that have goals of getting their first pull-up, performing back flips, or pass their military physical fitness tests.


And we have weightlifting coaches who work with those that have goals of simply getting stronger.


What should I do right now?


First, write down your goals.


Then, identify your weaknesses associated with those goals (anything below 20).


Finally, schedule a 10-minute call with me or simply hit reply to this email.


The best part about RxFIT is you finally will know what to do and how to achieve your goals. You also gain complete autonomy over your fitness experience:


  • Do you want to be in-person or receive coaching remotely?
  • Do you want to be 1-on-1 or in a group?
  • Do you want daily, weekly, or monthly contact from your coach?


Never has there been a better solution to achieving your goals. We have athletes across the entire United States losing weight, gaining muscle, performing endurance events, learning new skills, and lifting heavy weights.


Utah is just where our physical locations reside. We have remote athletes working with our coaching staff that live in Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Wisconsin, Texas, and Arizona.


If you want to work hard and not make excuses, join us.


It’s time to get in the best shape of your life.


It’s time to finally reach your goals.



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