Which Bumper Plates Should I Buy For My Home Gym? (Video)

When it comes to weightlifting plates for your home gym, you have three options: bumper plates, competition plates, and iron plates.

And within the world of bumper plates, Rogue Fitness sells three options: Hi-Temp, Spec, and HG.

A few months ago, I wrote in detail about my recommendation of what you should buy for your home gym. You can read that here. I didn’t explain, however, why I don’t like the hi-temp bumper plates.

Turns out, the hi-temp bumper plates are slightly smaller in diameter than all other plates. When we first opened RxFIT, we bought hi-temp bumper plates. But if I were to do it over again, I would only buy the spec plates.

And here’s why:

If I didn’t do a great job explaining it in the video, here some visuals that further explain why you don’t want Hi-Temp plates.

Hi-Temp Bumper Plate Diameter: 445MM.
Mil-Spec Bumper Plate Diameter: 450MM.
HG Bumper Plate Diameter: 450MM.
Competition Plate Diameter: 450MM.

As you can see, all weightlifting plates are 450 millimeters except for the Hi-Temp bumper plates. The small 5 millimeter difference is what breaks the larger plates over time if you mix and match plate types.

This is why I recommend only buying one type of plate, regardless of your preference. Mixing and matching will generally result in broken plates.



3 Rounds For Time:
20-Calorie Row
15 Toes-to-Bar
10 Squat Cleans (at a moderate to heavy weight)

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