Why I Am Doing Gainsgiving

First of all, what is Gainsgiving?

Gainsgiving is an individual strength competition.  The competition will be on November 21.  This will be a test of strength, stamina, accuracy, speed, and power. The events will include Clean & Jerk, Snatch, Back Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press and it is being directed by my friend and awesome human Coach Mig.

I am not naturally the strongest athlete around…. so why a strength competition?  Here are my reasons why:

  • It is an event hosted at my home gym surrounded by athletes that are my friends.
  • I have been working really hard to get stronger.  An event like this will allow me to showcase to MYSELF that my hard work is paying off.
  • I am scared to compete.  I have an anxiety around things that involve performing in front of other people.  I have made some commitments to myself and my friends that involve me getting out of my comfort zone… so HERE I AM

My invitation to you today is to find something you can do with the 3 criteria I used to make the decision to participate in Gainsgiving.

  • Fun and surrounded by people that support me.
  • Something that allows you to show yourself that your work and dedication is paying off.
  • Something that is outside of your comfort zone.

What you choose to do may not be a strength competition…. maybe it’s applying for that job you really want.  Maybe you are actually going to sing at the karaoke and not just watch….

Whatever it is- decide TODAY that you are going to show up.

Do it for you, and do it for the people watching.  You never know who you will inspire.

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