Working Weaknesses

The graph below has average scores from 15 of our benchmarks. With the help of the colors, you can quickly identify what our weaknesses and strengths are collectively as a gym.

In the top right, we use a house metaphor to represent three major energy systems:

  • In a house there is electricity, with wiring that provides shocking power, it has plumbing with pipes that deliver and flush fluids, and it has ventilation, with ducts and windows that keep the air flowing and temperature controlled.
  • It’s the same way with the body, but for us, electricity is the signals from brain to muscle for powerful contractions like sprinting or performing a snatch 1 rep max. Plumbing is the cellular fuelling elements like capillaries or heart & are really tested in short workouts like Fran. The ventilation is how we get air through the lungs and blood & is more for longer distance, more controlled intensity workouts.
  • The Electricity score is an aggregate score of our overall muscle strength. The Plumbing score is an aggregate score of our overall cellular fuelling. The Ventilation score is an aggregate score of our overall aerobic fuelling.

So we write workouts a lot with predetermined work and rest periods. For example, if we want a workout that focuses on building our aerboic capacity (“ventilation”), we’d want a work-to-rest ratio of something around 2:1. That means that if an interval takes us 90-seconds to complete, we rest exactly 45-seconds.

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