Workout Gear: What Do You Need?

The holidays are coming up, which means gift-giving and receiving are only a few weeks away. What workout gear is on your list? And which ones should not be on your list?

For me, I like using as little gear as possible. However, even for a minimalist like me, some items will not only boost performance but also help mask a minor injury, allowing you to continue to workout.

For example, you should be able to squat more with a weightlifting belt.

You can continue to snatch and press a barbell overhead with wrist wraps, even with a minor wrist injury.

And you can wear gymnastics grips over your hands to protect against hand tears.

This week, I’ll be detailing out most of the different pieces of gear you can find online. More specifically, I’ll write about when and when not to use them as well as the top brands to choose from.

Stay tuned.


Daily Directive

Day 4 (of 50)
For Time:
1-mile Run

*Warm up properly and then give it your best effort. A true, max-effort run should leave you gasping for air for up to 10-minutes after completion. For a tip on today’s benchmark workout, see Coach Fern’s breakdown here.

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